April 30, 2019 2 min read

Sustainable Fashion Brands UK 2019: Monsoon – the ethical fashion brand that you love!

Being ethical and manufacturing sustainable fashion sends one important and clear message: we all need to turn to green and be aware that fast fashion is damaging the planet. To design, source and manufacture appropriate clothes in the way that it will benefit the people and minimize the impact on the environment has become the only mission of many fashion brands.

One of the sustainable fashion brands UK 2019 that we are following is Monsoon who have been one the loudest to advocate and commit to ethical trading. This led to Monsoon becoming a founding member of the Ethical Trading Initiative whose main purpose is to monitor factories in conducting compliance and labor conditions in the whole supply chain. Monsoon’s commitment goes even further, taking into consideration the animal welfare too.

This relates to their decision on not selling fur and using leather only as a by-product from the meat industry. From the sustainable point of view, Monsoon participates in a program that helps Indian cotton farmers switch to organic production.

Another brand’s dedication is the support it provides to ethical fashion designers on London Fashion Week. For 5 years now, Monsoon sponsors the Estethica showcase in raising awareness towards sustainable fashion.

The great influence that Monsoon has over the sustainable fashion industry is seen in the collaboration with the Royal College of Art where the brand is working with students on artisan-inspired collections.

Its commitment to the planet and directing its influence in the fashion department has made Monsoon one of the most popular fashion brands in this department. Its popularity grows even bigger with the fashionable, stylish and trendy pieces it offers. One of the first Monsoon’s collections had boho prints and vibe and were made in Indian villages with the use of organic ingredients and handmade process. Never forgetting their start and the commitment to ethical trading Monsoon has grown into a global brand. The fashion garments that are made sustainably and ethically are all that one modern woman needs. Monsoon offers everything from casual wear to special occasion pieces. Every special occasion in someone’s life is covered by Monsoon’s wide range of products – from wedding dresses to shoes. Going beyond that, it offers affordable and beautiful options for all those in need of a different kind of clothing. Through its fashion garments, Monsoon shares the important message that sustainable and ethical fashion can become a family affair.

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