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Sustainable Fashion UK Brands in 2019

If you’re on the journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, one of the most important places you cant start with is your closet. The fashion industry doesn’t have the best reputation for being environmentally-friendly, but that’s starting to change with more and more sustainable fashion uk brands popping up. We’ve rounded up some of the best sustainable fashion brands in the UK so you can shop smart, sustainable, and local!


Bozena Jankowska

This London based designer produces ethically made capsule collections featuring sophisticated designs in bright colours. All of her collections are limited edition and made to order, so no excess waste and materials are created.

People Tree

This is one of the biggest ethical fashion brands in the country. It’s a member of the Fair Trade network and their entire supply chain is 100% fair. They use naturally sourced and organic fabrics for their expansive clothing collections where you can find everything from casual pieces to workwear.


Based in London, this young label is all about sustainability and ethical production from start to finish. They use locally sourced, environmentally friendly fabrics and packaging, and carbon neutral couriers. Plus, they show all this for the world to see with their supply chain publicly displayed on their website.


This trainer brand cares about sustainability just as much as it does about style. They use organic cotton, natural and sustainable rubber, and a high percentage of their trainer styles are vegan. They’ve also created a mesh fabric that’s made out of 100% recycled polyester!


Beaumont Organic

This brand proves that luxury can be eco-friendly. They use organic, fair trade materials such as bamboo, linen, wool, and organic cotton. On the production end they keep waste to a minimum by using scrap fabrics for samples, reducing international trips by only working with local and European factories, and creating a ‘Made in England’ label.


Collection and Co

Based in Brighton, this young company has already received international recognition after being worn by vegan celebrities like Madeleine Petsch. They are PETA approved and use recycled and eco-friendly materials including hemp, recycled polyester, and pineapple leaf fibre.

Christopher Raeburn

This East London-based designer is definitely one to watch in the menswear world. He consistently uses recycled fabrics and reduces waste by reworking new pieces out of scrap fabrics. He’s won an award from the International Ethical Fashion Forum, and also launched a #BuyNothing campaign and shut down his store on Black Friday!


This brand is ethical fashion made fun. Their designs are fun and colourful but they are serious about sustainability. They try to be a zero waste production company by using smart cutting techniques and turning scrap fabrics into smaller items like headbands and pads, which are donated to young girls in refugee camps. Their factories are run by solar power, their packaging is recycled, and they have a tree-planting initiative for their customers every time they shop.


Derived from the word ‘thoughtful’, this brand thinks of the planet through all steps of their design and production process. They use environmentally-friendly products such as hemp, bamboo, tencel, modal, organic cotton, and wool that they source from ethical suppliers that they build long-term relationships with.


Shop local with Thoreau. This London-based brand fairly manufactures their trendy, feminine clothing within the UK. They’re also a 100% carbon neutral company! Besides producing locally, they also use eco-friendly materials and make sure to offset any C02 emissions they have produced.


One of the founding members of the Ethical Trading Initiative, Monsoon creates gorgeous collections of womenswear for all occasions. They work with artisans to bring unique designs to consumers in a fair and responsible way. They keep their ethical standards high and regularly monitor their factories.

P.i.C. Style

This minimalist brand is all about local sourcing. They use eco-friendly materials (organic cotton, recycled fabrics) sourced in the UK and produce their clothes in a London factory. They also sell eco-friendly shoes and accessories from other UK brands on their website.


This label supports women and the environment, perfect for eco-conscious feminists. They use organic and recycled fabrics such as cotton, linen, tencel, modal, and they don’t let the scraps go to waste. The dyes are also organic, sustainable, and biodegradable. Their partner factory is run by women and they keep their collections small to reduce waste.


If you’re looking for eco-friendly knitwear, look no further. They use organic cotton and cruelty free wool, and work with fair trade cooperatives for sourcing their fabrics. They are committed to using conscious practices in their supply chain.


This North London label has been a leader in the sustainable fashion world for over 30 years. They use eco-friendly and organic materials like hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, rayon, linen, soy fibre, recycled rubber and polyester, and tencel. Their clothing is ethically manufactured in fair trade and solar powered factories. 

Ren London

This brand supports the local economy and reduces waste in their design process. They use natural, biodegradable fabrics that are responsibly sourced. They create small made-to-order collections that are designed with waste reduction in mind to the smallest details, such as wooden buttons.

Nancy Dee

Committed to local and ethical sourcing, Nancy Dee serves up sustainable fashion for every occasion. All pieces are designed and manufactured in the UK, using eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton and modal as well as recycled materials.


This brand is breaking the fashion cycle by not operating in the traditional season-to-season model that is the industry standard. They create pieces that can be worn all year round in ethical, organic fabrics like cotton, cruelty free wool, cellulose fibres and recycled materials. They work to reduce water consumption and toxic waste by working with factories that have water treatment plants that clean and reuse their water during production.

Here Today Here Tomorrow

This is another ethical knitwear brand that sources cruelty-free wool from New Zealand. They work with fair trade certified artisans to create sustainable womenswear, bags, and accessories for both genders.

Madia & Matilda

This womenswear brand minimizes waste by creating and producing all of their designs in house. They locally source offcut pieces of material which they transform into subtle but beautiful tops, skirts, and dresses.

Image from: People Tree. 


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