Everyone wants to feel confident in their clothes, and fashion is supposed to be fun. Just like most women, I already had a love/hate relationship with shopping, enjoying the pursuit of dresses with the girls and despising needing to find jeans. Then, during university I started learning about the pitfalls of fast fashion and the negative effects on people and our planet. That added a whole new element to shopping, as my passion for finding ethical and eco alternatives developed. I discovered that it can really take a lot of time to find options that check all the boxes: stylish, high-quality and good fit, ethically made, eco-friendly, and easy to find (especially challenging in Canada).  The good news? I've found some incredible brands that are kicking ass at changing the way fashion is produced. I wanted to bring them together for you in an easy-to-shop collection, so that you don't have to spend all your time vetting brands (let's face it, who has time for that?!).  Let me do it for you - I've chosen the most comfortable and stylish options for Azura Bay that also support your values: ethical production, local options, artisan & handmade production, Fair Trade and eco-friendly fabrics and production processes as much as possible. Additionally, most of our brands are woman-owned. Beyond the brands, Azura Bay is committed to choosing green practices as much as we can as explained below, in packaging and promotion choices.

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